Delivery driver leaves weight loss note in McDonald’s order, sparking fierce TikTok debate

Delivery driver leaves weight loss note in McDonald’s order, sparking fierce TikTok debate

A woman was left with a not-so-happy meal when a delivery driver dropped off her McDonald’s order.

The customer, called Suzie, has posted a TikTok video revealing how, alongside her fries, she found an unexpected note.

“My DoorDash person put this in my McDonald’s bag,” she said in the clip. “Thanks, I guess…”

She then zoomed in on the surprise flyer, which featured the words: “Lose weight, ask me how!”.

The message, which was written in a mix of Spanish and English encouraged her to “start her transformation today” by joining a nutrition club.

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Fellow TikTokers responded to the leaflet with outrage, with more than 8,200 people commenting on the clip.

“This would make me relapse into my eating disorder. Wtf!!” wrote one user, while others suggested Suzie was being “fat-shamed”.

Suzie hid the promoter’s name with a chip to protect their identity

The note urged her to sign up to the nutrition club

Others suggested she should report the incident to the DoorDash food delivery service since drivers aren’t allowed to open customers’ bags.

“I personally work for DoorDash and the bags aren’t even allowed to be opened [let alone] putting a business card in the bag,” one pointed out.

“Doesn’t that count as tampering with food? You’re not supposed to open the bag…” asked another.

However, others were more sympathetic towards the anonymous driver.

One wrote: “I think this person was just trying to give you their business card. No harm, people are out of work [right now].”

“This person is probably just struggling to make ends meet and doing whatever they can to make money – don’t internalise it,” commented another.

And another said: “People on their hustle flow…some people are so sensitive on everything…I’m sure she’s just trying to sell her products,” another said.

But Suzie didn’t seem to take it personally, insisting she hadn’t been offended by the move.

“No hate here, I was laughing for a while,” she wrote in a comment. “I kind of wanted to give him a high five.”

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