American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to a viral video.

Week after week, his team scour the streets of America to ask strangers deceptively easy questions – usually with hilarious repercussions.

In a throwback video from 2018, his team went out to the streets with a map and a simple request: name any country.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of respondents failed spectacularly. Plenty failed to realise that Africa was in fact a continent, not a country; when prompted to specify, one man correctly named South Africa, but inexplicably thought it was located in North West Africa. Seriously – the clue’s in the name.

One woman laughed, exclaiming:

My geography is so horrible, I can’t name anything!

She then pointed to South America and asked if it was South Africa. When her mistake was clarified, she failed to name a single country; the interviewer, bewildered, asked, “Did you go to school, college?”

Smiling, she clarified that she had before exclaiming soberly:

Yes, that’s the sad part!

Another man confidently pointed to Alaska, incorrectly stating it was “Greenland, or Iceland or something.” Others failed to even attempt to name any; one woman, when asked to pinpoint an African country, seemed shocked: “Who knows stuff like that?”

Luckily, a young boy in a baseball cap emerged at the tail-end of the video to list an impressive number of countries. Scrolling seamlessly through countries in South America, he then went on to identify others including Papua New Guinea, Greenland and New Zealand.

Maybe children really are the future.

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