J.K. Rowling destroyed a man's ridiculous Islamophobic comment

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J.K Rowling is the undisputed queen of Twitter.

When she isn't replying to Donald Trump or Theresa May, she is making astute points about sexism and terrorism.

Basically she makes every single one of those 140 characters matter. What else would you expect from a best-selling author?

Her latest takedown is another example of why the Harry Potter creator is such an important voice on the platform.

After noticing a quite frankly ridiculous lie from an Islamophobic user, she replied with this:

The tweet quickly went viral, receiving over 14,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Her followers then began replying with their own 'facts.'

People even took to the original tweet to criticise Mr. Ulbrecht for his blatant lie and rightly so.

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