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Author J.K Rowling didn't hold back from criticising problematic responses to the attack on London Bridge and Borough Market last night.

Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books and tweeter extraordinaire, called out the New York Times for saying the UK was '"still reeling from the shock of the bombing in Manchester almost 2 weeks ago".

The New York Times received a lot of criticism for the "reeling" comments leading to #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling to trend on Twitter.

People pointed out there is a difference between grief and terror.

Rowling also fended off a troll who accused her of being out of touch, by telling them to stop believing in superman villain Lex Luthor.

Later, she also defended London Mayor Sadiq Khan after he was criticised by Donald Trump, and called the President an "alarmist blowhard".

The author also retweeted various responses to criticism of those attacking Islam and UK gun laws.

Including an American who wanted to distinguish himself from Trump.

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