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Another day, another slam dunk for Twitterati all-star JK Rowling.

On Friday, the Harry Potter author joined a passive aggressive exchange on Twitter in support of newly published author Laura Kalbag.

Kalbag is a designer (and now author), living in Sweden, who used her social media account to share some exciting news - her book had been published!

Accessibility for Everyone is Kalbag's work, which is about making the Internet accessible for everyone.

Written congratulations, or silent indifference, is the appropriate response.

Oh wait, this is the internet.

Enter this guy:

Of course. Out of what appears to be politeness, Kalbag thanks this guy.

Erik Spiekermann, who lists on his website 'writing books' as one of the many different things he does, elaborated.

This seemed to be because he was getting a lot of sarcastic responses from other Twitter users.

JK Rowling, took a break from live-sassing the President of the United States to swat this much smaller annoyance.

The billionaire author, who was encouraged to use her initials J.K. instead of her name Joanne, because it was thought boys would not read a book by a woman, swooped in to support Kalbag.

Kalbag thanked Rowling, probably walking away with some positive publicity.

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