JK Rowling attacked Jeremy Corbyn with a series of biblical tweets - and people aren't sure what to think
Getty/ Twitter/ J.K. Rowling

JK Rowling has been a fairly vocal critic of Jeremy Corbyn over the years, and she has written many barbed tweets aimed at the Labour leader.

But her latest 16-part biblical style-rant against Corbyn and his supporters is probably her fiercest attack to date.

Entitled "The Visitation of The Corbynites: A Festive Thread", Rowling began her rant by criticising Corbyn’s supporters for personally attacking her over her condemnation of the Labour leader.

Writing in Old English, she went on to mock Corbyn’s commitment to going ahead with Brexit if he becomes prime minister.

The epic rant includes the claim that that the possibility of “Saint Jeremy” bringing a Jobs First Brexit is "b******s”, and and describes the leader as “in third place after Pontus May”.

Rowling then goes on to take a dig at Corbyn’s Glastonbury appearance last year.

The Harry Potter author also references Labour's antisemitism row.

Rowling is not exactly optimistic about Labour's chances in the next general election - whenever that may be.

And of course, Rowling didn't forget to bring up Corbyn's allotment.

Rowling's biblical-style thread has been retweeted over a thousand times, but opinions on her tweets are very divided.

Whatever your thoughts on Rowling’s rant, it’s clear that she is still Sirius-ly unimpressed with the Labour leader.

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