People are sharing the annoying things their friends just don't understand about their jobs


Twitter user Louie started a massive viral trend when he asked what people wish the general public understood about their professions, but is obvious to those in them.

The answers have come in all shapes and sizes, chief among them being one we imagine would be held by just about everyone:

The utter shock that Archaeologists don't deal with dinosaurs is pretty disheartening and this revelation might well cause some to rethink a future career in it. There goes that dream.

Some more answers are pretty eye-opening and in the age of Trump when people like to throw around 'alternate facts' it's good to have some clarity and more, importantly, some perspective.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

A note about trees:

This slightly alarming revelation about fungi:

Local news reporters:

The tricky world of being a lawyer:

A mom who is also a writer:

Seth Rogen throwing his hat into the ring:

This truth bomb about highways:

An alternative to body aches and pains:

Must be a generation thing:

Freelancers being real:

Seems pretty obvious to be honest:

An important thing to know:

The weird and wonderful world of casting directors:

Classic teaching misconceptions:

The fun experiment has clearly gotten a lot of attention, with Twitter user Louie's tweet getting over 8,000 replies.

And finally, since you read everything that references you Mr Trump, here's one you should consider.

Journalism does not instantly mean 'Fake News':

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