Joe Biden shared a picture of his 'Obama friendship bracelet' and everyone said the same thing


Once upon a time, the Joe Biden and Barack Obama friendship was untouchable and inspired hundreds of memes.

Nowadays, with Biden on his lonesome, the presidential candidate is struggling to gain the same amount of credibility that he once had.

Although he is leading the way in the polls amongst the Democratic hopefuls, his campaign has struggled to win over everyone, especially when he has done things like targetting millennials.

Perhaps in a bid to demonstrate that he is still down with the kids, Biden shared a picture of an Obama 'friendship bracelet' on 'Best Friends Day,' which was potentially a nod to a video made for BuzzFeed in 2016.

However, three years later this kind of sentiment hasn't gone down as well as the former vice president would have wished. Despite the tweet earning more than 9,000 retweets many of the comments were negative and critical of Biden's attempt to play cute and pander to his audience on Twitter.

Others chose to point out the awkward fact that Obama is yet to give Biden his endorsement for the 2020 presidential campaign.

While some just pointed out that it feels a little inappropriate for a 76-year-old man to be sharing things like this.

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