Wikipedia makes Joe Lycett's new name official by changing his entry to 'Hugo Boss'

Wikipedia makes Joe Lycett's new name official by changing his entry to 'Hugo Boss'

Joe Lycett legally changed his name to Hugo Boss over the weekend in a protest against the fashion house for targeting small businesses using the word “boss” in their names. As is so often the case, people have wasted no time updating the details of the comedian’s Wikipedia page.

At the time of writing, the comic’s page opens with the words, “Hugo Boss (born Joe Harry Lycett; 5 July 1988) is a British comedian.” Before this, there was no mention of his original name and the opening line simply read “Hugo Boss, is a British comedian”, redundant comma and all.

The matter came to the artist formerly known as Joe Lycett’s attention while filming the Channel 4 series, Got Your Back and hearing about the legal issues faced by Swansea brewery company, Boss Brewing. He told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire:

“They are a little new business, and they tried to make a trademark for a couple of their beers and Hugo Boss sent them a cease and desist letter. I think it’s a massive company taking on a little company, and it’s not fair. Nobody’s going to confuse a beer with Hugo Boss. I don’t think I’d splash myself with Heineken in the morning. They clearly don’t like their name being used.”

Boss hopes that his name change will highlight the fact that people are unlikely to confuse two things just because they share a name. And now he can experience of the joy of having this clarification at the top of the page about the German luxury fashion house: “This article is about the fashion company. For the comedian formerly known as Joe Lycett, see Hugo Boss (comedian).”

Oh, and only one Hugo Boss had strong links to the Nazi party and, for the record, it’s not the bloke who told jokes on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

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