People are calling for 'John Bercow Room' in Parliament to honour outgoing Speaker

People are calling for 'John Bercow Room' in Parliament to honour outgoing Speaker

Supporters of John Bercow, who has been an open critic of Brexit are calling on the creation of a special “Bercow Room” in parliament in his honour.

MPs have suggested that there should be a room named after the speaker of the House in Westminster to mark his “reforming” legacy, the Mail Online reports.

SNP chief whip Patrick Grady suggested the idea of a “Bercow Room” in a debate before Parliament was suspended.

He said:

I want to take the opportunity to pay tribute to you.

You have been a reforming Speaker... and much of the restoration and renewal will be about securing the legacy of some of those reforms in terms of making this place much more family friendly and much more accessible.

Perhaps in the tradition of the rooms in Portcullis House, there will in the restored and renewed Parliament be a Bercow Room in which people can reflect on that legacy.

Labour MP Barry Sheerman, one of the speaker's strongest backers, told MailOnline:

It's not a bad idea... 

When it comes to the new building we will have some more contemporary names, of course, we will.

This comes after Bercow announced he will stand down as speaker by the Brexit deadline of 31 October.

In a move that shocked many he made a statement to MPs to stand aside after more than a decade in the role.

His announcement came mere hours before Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament until 14 October commenced.

Bercow said that throughout his time as speaker he has “sought to be the backbenchers’ backstop”, and said it had been the “greatest privilege and honour of my professional life.”

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