John Cleese said that he 'deserves to take a couple of years off' from paying taxes because of his age

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images/Twitter

We're not sure what prompted John Cleese to start ranting about whatever he feels like on social media but here we are and it's oddly fascinating.

After claiming that London was no longer an English city because it voted to remain in the European Union and then attempting to defend his statement the actor then tried to make out that it was ok to not pay his taxes anymore.

In the wake of his outburst about London, many people started to bring up the fact that he is reportedly planning on moving to the Caribbean island of Nevis which is considered to be a tax haven, something which might interest Cleese.

The 79-year-old claimed that his interests in the island was to do with it's 'excellent race relations, a very well educated population' and 'no sign of political correctness...'

This tweet rankled with one user who mentioned it being a tax haven, which prompted a very unusual response from Cleese, who claimed that because of his age he deserved to have a few years off from paying tax.

Cleese, whose net worth is reportedly $10 million (£7.9m), is likely to still earn lots of money from royalties related to his various shows and films over the years so he would probably like to see all of that money.

However, his claim that because of his age he deserves a break (which may or may not have been a joke) did not go down too well.

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