Brexiteer says that parliament needs to resolve Brexit and everyone is making the same point

The UK’s Supreme Court continues to hear appeals on whether prime minister Boris Johnsons’s prorogation of parliament was lawful.

Johnson suspended parliament for 5 weeks, after receiving permission from the Queen, but three High Court judges in Scotland ruled the move unlawful.

This ruling followed an opposite ruling by a court in London, which has sent the case for a final hearing at the highest court in the UK.

As the court continues to hear the arguments, Brexiteers apparently seem to have had a change of heart.

Sir John Redwood, who has been known as a Eurosceptic for decades, has taken to Twitter to air his thoughts.

Redwood who is is such a Eurosceptic he reportedly refused to drink Evian water because it isn't from the UK, said the following.

Um, are you noticing the slight problem here?

People on Twitter were quick to point out that anyone supporting parliament finding a Brexit solution probably shouldn’t support shutting parliament for the longest time in modern British history.

It's a little difficult for parliament to sort something out when it's shut. Brexiteers have also claimed that temporarily shutting has nothing to do with Brexit, so Redwood linking the two together is certainly revealing.

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