Attempt to ridicule NHS doctor as a ‘masked sheep’ brilliantly backfires
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An attempt to ridicule an NHS doctor by calling her a “masked sheep” has amazingly backfired.

Posting on Twitter, Dr Julia Grace Patterson said she had found out she was on a Twitter list called “masked sheep”, referring to the fact she wears a face mask to protect those around her from coronavirus.

But instead of being offended, she said she was going to “own it” and called on others to reclaim the label. As a result the hashtag “#maskedsheep” trended on Twitter throughout Saturday afternoon as people celebrated their compliance with rules/ basic human decency by wearing face coverings.

Patterson is involved in NHS campaign group EveryDoctor which took the government to court this year over PPE procurement. She co-founded the Junior Doctors Alliance. She is also, apparently, a masked sheep.

But so are the many people who came to support her against Twitter trolls:

We think being a masked sheep doesn’t sound too bad at all if it will help bring an end to the pandemic.

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