No, JustGiving is not keeping £2m in commission from donations to Captain Tom Moore

A series of claims circling social media saying that the online fundraising platform JustGiving would keep a large percentage of funds raised for the NHS by Captain Tom Moore appear to be completely false.

Facebook posts from over the weekend showed people were “absolutely disgusted” that the crowdfunding website were keeping £2m of Moore's fundraising money for their own administrative costs. "Bloody THIEVES. I will never give via Just Giving again," one post said.

According to Full Fact, a London-based fact-checking charity, “this is just not right.” While JustGiving does usually charge processing fees and collects voluntary donations, it said more than 97 per cent of money raised goes to charity.

The platform itself has donated £100,000 to Captain Tom’s fundraiser, who as of Wednesday has raised more than £27.9m.

In this case, JustGiving told Full Fact it was fair to assume it would keep only 1 per cent of the total raised from the Captain Tom's NHS campaign — as well as processing fees from Gift Aid donations.

While this is nowhere near £2 million at the moment, 1 per cent of £27.9m is still almost £300,000 — which is not nothing either.

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