Justin Bieber asks Trump to help A$AP Rocky but also wants him to 'let those kids out of cages'

Donald Trump has had a pretty weird and scandalous week but the last thing we thought we would be talking about is him attempting to free a rapper from a Swedish jail.

This is all related to American rapper A$AP Rocky who is being held in a Swedish jail, following his involvement in a street fight.

A judge in Sweden has already ruled that the rapper will be in custody until July 25 but Trump has already confirmed that he and first lady Melania are talking to Swedish authorities about freeing the 30-year-old.

Trump then posted a tweet on Friday evening saying that he had spoken to Kanye West and hoped that the situation is 'quickly resolved.'

At this point, you probably thought that this story couldn't get any odder but Justin Bieber has intervened asking Trump to help his friend but also to 'free those kids from cages,' an obvious reference to child migrants being detained in detention facilities in on the US/Mexico border.

Against all odds Bieber twitter foray into politics is very good indeed; asking the president to help his buddy but also shaming the commander-in-chief at the same time. Genius.

Needless to say, people are loving the Canadian pop star's tweet.

Elsewhere, people are just completely bemused that we are living in a bizarro world where Trump is talking about hip-hop stars on Twitter and can even spell A$AP Rocky's name right (twice!).


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