This far-right 'activist' turned up at a Pride event and a policeman's reaction is a perfect example of white privilege

Joanna Taylor
Friday 17 January 2020 10:15
Picture:( AGUSTIN PAULLIER / Getty Images )

Far right 'activist' Kaitlin Bennett came up against a cop who was as tired of her antics as the rest of us after she went around annoying people at Iowa Pride.

Bennett was filmed arguing with the policeman who advised her to leave Pride attendees alone "because they clearly don't like you".

With an InfoWars mic in hand, Bennett approached people at the event last June, attempting to rile them up against her then accusing them of being "violent and nasty".

A video of her arguing with the cop who spoke to her after several people complained has resurfaced online and sparked a conversation about white privilege and cops at pride.

Her voice noticeably changes when she pleads with the cop.

People particularly enjoyed Bennett schooling herself about her actions having consequences.

Bennett's style of reporting usually involves her trying to bait people into agreeing with her far-right views such as when she asked this student bizarrely transphobic questions or trying to get a rise out of people whose views differ from her own. People are seriously tired of her and her deliberate attempts to annoy people in the name of "free speech".

Be about YOUR business, Kaitlin Bennett.

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