Kamala Harris allegedly keeps a list of ‘enemy’ reporters who ‘don’t appreciate her lived experience’

Kamala Harris allegedly keeps a list of ‘enemy’ reporters who ‘don’t appreciate her lived experience’
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Vice President Kamala Harris keeps a list of journalists who she believes aren’t aware nor “appreciate” her “lived experience’, according to a report.

In a profile fromThe Atlantic on Monday, they state that Madam Vice President kept a note of reporters who she felt a bit disrespected by.

The report also states that some television producers are hesitant to work with her because of how “little usable material they get out of it.”

Harris also isn’t fond of the word “cautious” being used to describe her, it is claimed, so aides will also pay attention to synonyms such as careful “or hesitant, which also “don’t go over well.”

She declined to comment on The Atlantic’s report.

Additionally, it reports that Harris has mentioned the Washington Post national baseball reporter Chelsea Janes, who is among the reporters on that list.

In January 2019, Janes covered Harris as she delivered a speech at Howard University in Washington D.C., her alma mater.

She tweeted - then deleted - the following: “Members of her Howard sorority are in the room and screeched when she mentioned her time there. Did not expect to hear screeches here.”

It was evident that she didn’t understand that the then-presidential candidate was a part of the Alpha Kappa sorority, a Black Greek organization.

The screeching noise Janes mentioned is the AKA’s “Skee-Wee” chant, sparking some backlash from people.

The incident went so viral that even members of ABC’s The View made a segment discussing whether Janes was the wrong person for the job.

Janes then tweeted afterward to address the situation.

“Guys, I’m so sorry. Had never heard about the Skee Wee call before, but I certainly have now. Meant only to convey enthusiasm in the room!”

According to the report, Harris still often talks about it.

Check out what some have to say about it.

According to Page Six, one month after being announced President Biden’s running mate, reporters and other people noticed that she hadn’t accepted questions in a formal or informal setting since joining the presidential ticket.

A Senator at the time, Harris had only spoken to outlets such The Grio and The 19th, who were more so focused on issues faced in the Black community and womanhood.

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