7 of Kamala Harris' most brutal takedowns of Trump in her first speech as Biden's running mate

Kamala Harris didn't hold back about Trump and his administration in her first speech as Joe Biden's running mate.

Focussing on Trump's disastrous handling of the pandemic, she eviscerated his "mismanagement" and "failures of leadership" as president.

Here are 7 of her most brutal takedowns of Trump from that speech.

1. Trump mismanaged the pandemic

We’re reeling from the worst public health crisis in a century. The president’s mismanagement of the pandemic has plunged us into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

2. His priorities are not with the people

America is crying out for leadership, yet we have a president who cares more about himself than the people who elected him.

3. He frustrates progress

We have a president who is making every challenge we face even more difficult to solve.

4. The case against Trump and Pence is "open and shut"

Let me tell you, as someone who has had my fair share of arguments in court, the case against Donald Trump and Mike Pence is open and shut.

5. Trump pedals conspiracy theories

When other countries are following the science, Trump pushed miracle cures he saw on Fox News. While other countries were flattening the curve, he said the virus would just —poof— go away like a miracle.

6. He mishandled the economy

Trump is also the reason why millions of Americans are now unemployed. He inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. And then, like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground.

Sidenote: In 2015 it was reported that if Trump had simply invested his inherited wealth into a mutual fund rather than beginning his own business ventures, he'd be richer than he is today.

7. The Trump administration has failed

We don’t have to accept the failed government of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. We have a chance to choose a better future for our country.

Harris ended her speech by outlining the future for the US she wants to see: one in which civil rights are protected, the climate crisis is addressed and care workers are paid what they deserve.

She explained that the Democrats are not only faced with ousting Trump from office, but with securing a "mandate that proves the last few years do not represent who we are".

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