Kate Hoey, a former minister under Tony Blair, is co-chairing the Labour for Britain group
Kate Hoey, a former minister under Tony Blair, is co-chairing the Labour for Britain group
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Baroness Kate Hoey says “no one is speaking up for Northern Ireland” due to issues relating to Brexit. That’s right, Hoey – the prominent Brexiteer and former MP.

While this is not the first time a Brexiteer has been upset with the outcomes of leaving the EU, the Northern Irish politician's complaints seemed especially hypocritical to people across social media on Wednesday.

Speaking on Sky News on Wednesday, Hoey said the Northern Ireland Protocol, "has to be looked at" as it is causing "huge delays" to deliveries travelling to Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

The protocol – which came into force at the beginning of this year – has made a historically simple passage between Northern Ireland and the EU much more complicated with a “regulatory border”.

While Northern Ireland voted to ‘remain’ in the Brexit referendum, Hoey – a Peer of the Realm and one of the most vocal proponents of the Leave campaign – did not. But it seems like she may be regretting her decision (or at least did not care about the consequences of it. )

Social media users were quick to call her out, saying “few people have owned themselves as comprehensively as Kate Hoey,” and “she really has some cheek”.

“Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my actions,” Journalist Ash Sarkar wrote of the Sky News clip. “I feel like...this is *a bit*... somewhat... just like... maybe...your fault Kate,” another person wrote.

Graham Lithgow made this analogy: “The eternally dreadful Kate Hoey, essentially playing the role of a serial arsonist who is suddenly furious to discover that burning down a building renders it useless.”

Unfortunately the damage is done, but people are still jokingly urging, “Baroness Hoey to not rest until she has identified the people behind this disaster and names & shames them”.

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