Kate Hoey mocked for saying Farage's 'March To Leave' was 'never planned to be a mass march'

Kate Hoey mocked for saying Farage's 'March To Leave' was 'never planned to be a mass march'

Whichever side you picked in the EU referendum, few people predicted that, almost three years on, things would be in such a mess. But here we are.

Yesterday an estimated one million people marched through London to urge prime minister Theresa May to put her Brexit deal to the people. This follows a viral petition, which has now amassed almost five million signatures, which asks May to Revoke Article 50 and halt the Brexit process.

With momentum appearing to gather against Brexit, people are reminded of Nigel Farage’s dismal March To Leave.

It’s fair to say the pro-Brexit March, which saw a gaggle of wet, cold leave supporters marching from Sunderland to London, hasn’t had the best optics…

This has prompted inevitable comparisons with yesterday’s march. They couldn’t really be much more different, could they?

Brexiteers aren’t happy with people mocking their “march”. Particularly Kate Hoey, the Vauxhall MP who was one of the few Labour MPs to back Brexit.

Hoey has defended Farage’s march, saying it was “never meant to be a mass protest”.

Some pointed out that Richard Tice, founder of Leave Means Leave, said that “thousands” would be attending.

It’s certainly true that in the original March to Leave promo video, everyone is encouraged to take part and there is no mention that it is intended to be anything other than a mass protest with as many participating as possible.

It ends on a montage of several campaigners saying: “join me on the March to Leave”. Though the website for the campaign does mention "core marchers" who, rather bizarrely, were encouraged to pay to march through rainy marshland.

A pro-Brexit group, Leave.EU, suggested 100,000 people would march with Farage.

Others highlighted that 18,000 people in Hoey’s constituency – the remain-voting area of Vauxhall in South London – signed the viral petition to Revoke Article 50.

Others challenged Hoey to hold her own mass demonstration if March To Leave really wasn’t supposed to be one. After all, what's stopping them?

And others just flat out mocked her...

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