Kathy Burke just reminded us how people used to insult each other before the internet

Twitter has become a platform that allows for the suspension of social decorum and natural filters.

Simply put: people can throw quantities of shade the likes of which have never been thrown before.

However comedian, theatre director and all around hilarious human being Kathy Burke demonstrated that, before the invention of Twitter, all you needed was the letter pages of Time Out:

In an interview with the magazine back in the 1990s, actress Helena Bonham-Carter lamented her struggles with being pretty and middle-class:

If you're not pretty and you're working class you have an easier time in terms of people's attitudes to you.

Kathy felt compelled to write in to Time Out, and her response was printed in the letters pages:

As a lifelong member of the non-pretty working classes, I would like to say to Helena Bonham-Carter: shut up you stupid c--t.


People on Twitter found the shade spectacular...

Vintage. Beef.

One person pointed out the lack of censorship...

But mostly, people loved the throwback to simpler times.

No retweets. No likes. Just paper and ink and readers spluttering over their coffees.


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