Sky News' Kay Burley took down a Conservative MP with an incredible swipe on live TV this morning.

After tormenting Labour’s Richard Burgon for the second time in a month, Burley turned her attention to transport secretary Grant Shapps.

In a seemingly harmless plug for the Sky News app, Burley asked the Tory minister if he would download the app and take it with him on the campaign trail.

When he agreed, she added:

Make sure you promise… because you always keep your promises in the Conservative Party, don’t you?

Burley didn’t even give the Tory MP a chance to respond and cut straight to a commercial after the joke.

The Sky News presenter was presumably referring to Johnson's failed attempt to deliver Brexit by 31 October, after the prime minister was forced to ask for an extension request from the EU this month.

And her withering put-down went down well with anti-Boris Johnson accounts on social media.

It's going to be an interesting campaign if Burley is planning on humiliating politicians like this for the whole six weeks.

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