Kay Burley just took down the same Labour MP on live TV two weeks in a row

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 31 October 2019 12:00

Kay Burley “Well actually-ed” Richard Burgon again, one week after she took him to town on polls saying Labour wouldn’t win in the event of a general election.

This time Burgon appeared on Burley’s Sky News show where they spoke about the Liberal Democrats.

She began: “The liberal democrats say they have no interest whatsoever in a partnership as long as Jeremy Corbyn is at the helm. Would that be a deal breaker as far as you’re concerned?”


Remember the liberal democrats wanted Gordon Brown removing as well…

At this point Burley interjects, in what has become her standard move to take down politicians:

Well, he was removed.

This latest takedown has people chuckling online

Someone get their uncle.

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