'It's a facelift': Kay Burley's brilliant retort to Katie Hopkins's criticism of her looks

'It's a facelift': Kay Burley's brilliant retort to Katie Hopkins's criticism of her looks

Most people know by know that far-right Twitter-er Katie Hopkins will probably say anything to stay relevant.

Hopkins is well known as a someone who makes a living creating controversy and offending people – and the fact that Trump keeps retweeting her probably contributes to that.

But in the last couple of months, ever since she lost a legal case and reportedly faced financial difficulties, she’s been grasping at straws even more.

Her tactics have included going on rant after rant on Twitter about Meghan Markle and encouraging people to break lockdown by posting a video of herself at a garden centre.

Best of all, she's even accused other people of trying to get attention on social media... you couldn't make it up.

So it’s not entirely surprising that this pandemic has provided her with even more opportunities to tweet about conspiracy theories and how bad the media is (despite the fact that she's worked for The Daily Mail, The Sun and LBC).

As the scandal over Dominic Cummings’ trip to Durham and other tourist attractions has spilled over from the weekend, Hopkins had to get involved.

Kay Burley, a TV presenter on Sky News, tweeted a video of an interview with former director of communications at Downing Street, Alastair Campbell, who said that what Cummings had done would impact the perception of the UK by the rest of the world.

Katie Hopkins then quote tweeted Burley’s video to say that the media was the real problem all along, and even included the hashtag #scummedia.

Burley responded on Twitter....

Then Hopkins decided to attack the way that Burley looks (which is something she does surprisingly often), and Burley had the best response.

Not that any of this was enough to stop Hopkins going on another one of her famous tweet rants, which included a photoshopped image of her on a rocket, calling Piers Morgan obese and somehow tweeting about Brexit and Farage. She also encouraged her followers to go after other prominent figures in the media, including Burley, Morgan and Laura Kuenssberg, which isn't exactly a good look.

On Twitter, the verdict on this round was clear:

Burley: 1, Hopkins: 0.

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