Donald Trump press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany shamelessly attempted to get one over on Mitt Romney on Monday by bragging about the president's low polling figures in the black community.

On Sunday, the former Republican presidential candidate Romney took part in a Black Lives Matter march in Washington DC which the president had the audacity to mock him for.

The Trump administrations mockery of Romney wasn't done there with McEnany continuing the pile on during Monday's press conference where she was asked if Trump agreed with the message that Romney had said; "Black Lives Matter."

McEnany didn't so much answer that question but give a breakdown of both men's voting approval in the black community without adding any kind of context whatsoever.

Yeah — Mitt Romney can say three words outside on Pennsylvania Avenue, but I would note this: that President Trump won 8 per cent of the black vote; Mitt Romney won 2 per cent of the black vote.

While this may be true it's probably not as impressive as McEnany thinks it is. Firstly 8 per cent is still pretty low and ignores the fact that Trump managed to lose 92 per cent of black votes in 2016.

Also comparing Trump votes stats to Romney's 2012 stats is a little unfair as he was facing Barack Obama in the election, the only black man to ever be president of the United States.

Many were quick to point out to McEnany that her little factoid wasn't something worth bragging about at all.

Elsewhere in the press conference, McEnany said that president is against people taking the knee and is not a fan of the 'movement'.

The president is very much against kneeling in general. The president has made clear for years that kneeling is tied to our National Anthem, that it does not respect our military men and women across this country. He’s not a fan of the kneeling movement. He’s made that very clear, particularly because he thinks it’s disrespectful to our military, as the kneeling originated at the kneeling during the National Anthem.

Once again, not a great look from either Trump or McEnany...

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