Donald Trump has today lashed out and mocked the former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for *checks notes* marching in solidarity and against racism.

Yes, Romney, who ran against Barack Obama in 2012 took to the streets of Washington DC in a Black Lives Matter march and protest the death of George Floyd and others at the hands of police officers.

Talking to Hannah Natanson of the Washington Post, the Republican and former governor of Utah said he was marching for an end to 'violence and brutality and make people understand that Black Lives Matter.'

Rather than commend Romney on taking a stance against racism and marching with Black Lives Matter, the president sarcastically applauded him before mocking his 'numbers' in Utah.

It's the kind of grace and decorum that we've come to expect from Trump who biggest stance during the unrest has been to walk 3 minutes across the road from the White House and pose in front of a church.

Trump's lack of decency and inability to do the right thing or even keep his mouth shut when he had no right to say anything speaks volumes about his character, which people were more than happy to remind him of.

Also, Trump should have probably done a bit more research before he started to mock Romney's 'numbers.'

Still, while there the unrest shows no signs of disappearing Trump is keen to let people know that CNN polls are 'fake' and the stock market is doing great.

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