US preacher becomes uncomfortable after being confronted over his luxury lifestyle in tense clip

US preacher becomes uncomfortable after being confronted over his luxury lifestyle in tense clip
Inside Edition

American televangelist Kenneth Copeland has found himself in hot water while attempting and failing to explain his lavish lifestyle, which involves the use of a private jet, in a resurfaced clip from 2019.

During a tense and incredibly awkward 11-minute impromptu interview with Inside Edition reporter Lisa Guerrero, Copeland becomes agitated when questioned about how he spends the money donated to him by his congregations and makes controversial comments about using commercial flights, where he referred to people as 'demons'.

Copeland, who in January 2018 unveiled a jet that he brought from actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry for $3 million, tried to claim that his line of work requires a lot of money and, during his career as a preacher, he has brought "122 million people to the Lord Jesus Christ". He also claimed that Perry had made the plane so cheap for him that he "couldn't help but buy it" - especially when he has commitments all around the world.

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He then acts aggressively towards Guerrero after she asks him to clarify his statement about demons asking, "Do you really believe that human beings are demons?"

He responds by angrily pointing his finger at her and yelling: "No, I do not and don't you ever say I did."

The two go back and forth about Copeland's lifestyle, which also includes driving around in limos, expensive suits and big homes, and whether it would go against the teachings of Jesus, before saying that if you go into the "old covenant, do you think Jewish people believed you should be broke?" Guerrero points out that some people may find that statement offensive, with Copeland reiterating that Jewish people "believe in wealth."

Guerrero then wraps up the interview by revealing that both of her grandfathers were preachers who were offended about other preachers who lived a life of luxury that was funded by their followers. Copeland said in response: "It's your grandfather's... that we're standing on their shoulders. They held up and they stood for its glory to God but when you go back to the Bible it's full of wealth, miracles, signs, wonders and goodness and it's full of meanness it's just full of hell on Earth. Those are the demons not the people. I love the people."

Guerrero's impeccable interviewing technique and ability to hold her own and not be fazed by Copeland has seen her interview go viral, with many people praising her efforts to prise an answer out of the preacher.

Guerrero herself responded to the clip encouraging people to watch the entire interview to find out more about Copeland.

This is far from the first time that Copeland's lifestyle has been called out in public. In 2015, John Oliver highlighted how Copeland has used tax laws to live in a $6.3 million mansion in a segment on Last Week Tonight.

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