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Kim Kardashian has responded hilariously to fans who trolled her after she mistook hail for snow

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Kim Kardashian has responded hilariously to fans who trolled her after she mistook hail for snow.

Yesterday, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star excitedly took to Instagram, when a big hail storm hit Los Angeles.

Zooming in on the hail settling outside her home, she said: “It’s snowing and I’m in Calabasas. I don’t know if you can see that, but this is absolutely insane.”

Still amazed by the weather, in another video she continued: “This is really crazy. How is this happening? This is insane! My basketball court is white with snow. This is insane! You guys, my basketball court is black you guys.”

She even picked up a handful of hail, adding: “This is a trip, it’s snowing in Calabasas.”

However, it wasn’t snow at all, and all her followers were not afraid to point this out.

One person tweeted: “@Kimkardashian not knowing the difference between hail and snow was the laugh I needed today. I love her sm.”

A second added: “Kimberly. sweetie, that’s hail . . . not snow @kimkardashian.”

Another wrote: “This whole snow/hail Kim K situation has me weak.”

Someone else said: “If y’all don’t leave @KimKardashian alone and let her imagine that her hail covered basketball court is snow! #KimKardashian#meteorologist

Justin Laboy wrote: “If @KimKardashian said it’s snow THEN ITS SNOW #Respectfully

Hilariously, the superstar finally clapped back on her Instagram Stories, saying: “Ok OK I get the message!! It is HAIL!! Not SNOW!! I’m not a meteorologist people!!!!”

She went on: “Never claimed to be! I know I got 30 jobs but a meteorologist ain’t one! If it’s hailing in Calabasas in March I call it snow!!! OKKKKURRRRR.”

She even went on to share several tweets from he fans, pointing out her mistake.

One person shared a photo of her, poised to throw a snowball, and wrote: “@KimKardashian after reading all the comments about the snow in california!!”

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