Kirsten Dunst asks Kanye West why he used her image on his 2020 election poster

Believe it or not, Kanye West’s so-called presidential campaign is still rumbling on.

This is despite very public pleas from his family to be mindful that he struggles with mental health issues and bipolar disorder.

While Joe Biden and Donald Trump are gearing up to go head to head, West is still apparently launching a presidential run.

And his latest move is to post a 2020 election ‘vision board’ to his social media profiles.

No one’s quite sure what to make of the poster, which resembles an album cover rather than a coherent political message.

Perhaps the most confused of all is actor Kirsten Dunst – whose face appears on the graphic.

In an old snap, apparently taken two decades ago, Dunst is smiling.

But the present-day Dunst wasn’t so happy to see her image being used, apparently without her permission.

Which she let West know in a tweet.

“What’s the message here, and why am I a part of it?,” Dunst wrote to the rapper, adding a shrugging emoji.

No explanation from Kanye himself seemed forthcoming.

Others, however, were happy to help ‘clear things up’.

Some used memes from Dunst’s own movies to joke about West’s lack of reply.

While there were helpful explanations of West’s message.

West to the White House trudges on.

And we'll keep you updated if he says why he used Dunst's image.

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