KSI’s rise to internet stardom is being taught in schools

KSI’s rise to internet stardom is being taught in schools
KSI reveals amount of money that he has made from TikTok

KSI’s rise to fame as an online influencer is reportedly going to be taught in schools as part of the UK education system.

Those studying Media Studies for A-level will learn about the influencer, whose real name is “JJ” Olatunji, after his meteoric success that began with YouTube.

An image allegedly from an A-Level textbook went viral after it was shared online and showed how KSI is being used as a case study in the curriculum for the Eduqas exam board.

The textbook described the influencer as “an interesting ‘product’ to study in terms of genre” adding that, “Like other internet influencers, he represents a ‘brand’ more than a particular genre”.

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Another section talked about the diversity of his media products, explaining: “KSI has been clever in anticipating internet trends of the past decade. Consider his ‘Let’s Play’ videos, comedy clips (with the Sidemen), prank videos, ‘diss tracks’.”

News that KSI was going to be studied quickly spread across social media after it was posted on a Subreddit about the influencer.

KSI himself even shared the news on Twitter, writing: “I’m legit one of the topics you have to study for A-level media in schools now.”

His tweet has been liked over 42,000 times, with a mixed reaction in the comments section.

While many congratulated the influencer and others joked about the scenarios playing out at school, some despaired about the state of the UK education system.

One person joked: “‘’What you got after lunch mate?’ ‘Double KSI, can’t be arsed’.”

Another said: “That's when you know you've made it.”

“This country is DOOMED. Thank the Lord A-level Media is a useless subject but still appalling this is what they study,” someone else argued.

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