This mural for Kurt Cobain looks very like David Spade and the internet is confused


A mural in Austria, dedicated to deceased rock star Kurt Cobain has confused a lot of people, given its remarkable resemblance to actor David Spade.

The tribute to the former Nirvana frontman popped up in Lintz, Austria earlier this week.

It was created by street artist Lushux and was accompanied by the Neil Young lyric:

It's better to burn out than fade away.

The lyric was quoted by Cobain in his suicide note in 1994.

Now, we're not art critics but we're well aware of what Kurt Cobain looked like and that likeness does not appear to be of the man that gave the world Smells Like Teen Spirit.

The mural actually bares more of a resemblance to David Spade, a comedy actor best known for his roles in Joe Dirt and Grown Ups.

Once the image went viral people began sending it to Spade, presumably out of sheer confusion.

Spade, who was probably as perplexed as everyone else, then tweeted confirmation that he had seen it.

Then the jokes started to arrive:

There was even a debate about where the quote had come from.

Although it doesn't really make the matter any better, this appears to be the original image that the mural is based upon.

Oh well, Nevermind.

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