Academic claims on Kuwaiti television that gay men have an 'anal worm that feeds on semen'

Academic claims on Kuwaiti television that gay men have an 'anal worm that feeds on semen'

An academic in Kuwait has claimed in a television interview that gay men have a worm in their anus that 'feeds on semen' and that she has found a cure for homosexuality.

This bizarre and completely false statement was made by Mariam Al-Sohel, who is reportedly an anti-gay and anti-lesbian researcher in the Middle Eastern country, who believes there are four genders - 'male, female, feminine gay men and butch lesbians'.

During a discussion on Scope TV, a broadcaster based in Kuwait City, she claimed that the cure, which is based around 'therapeutic suppositories', is inspired by Islamic prophecies and is all based on science.

She also claimed that gay people develop a 'sexual urge' after being 'sexually attacked' and that the supposed worm can be destroyed by the suppositories.

A video released by MEMRI, a US-based news outlet covering stories from the Middle East, claims that she said:

As well as the fourth gender, which is butch lesbians.

This is all science, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

The sexual urge develops when a person is sexually attacked.

And afterwards it persists because there is an anal worm that feeds on semen. It feeds on sperm.

So, what I did was to produce suppositories, which are to be used by certain people at a certain time.

It cures those urges by exterminating the worm that feeds on the sperm.

Later in the video, she shows the other guests and hosts of the show samples of the suppositories that she has made, claiming that the pills have the exact same ingredients but are different colours.

She adds that certain types of food can also make men more masculine and build up muscle mass.

Any food that is buried underground provides men with stability, strengthens their muscles and increases their masculinity. Bitter foods increase masculinity.

You can watch the full video in the Twitter post below.

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