People are trying to become billionaires before Kylie Jenner using crowdfunding

People are trying to become billionaires before Kylie Jenner using crowdfunding
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Remember last week when Kylie Jenner, of Keeping up with the Kardashains fame, made it to the cover of Forbes magazine for having a net worth of $900 million?

It was reported that she was on her way to becoming the youngest billionaire in the world, after amassing a fortune built from her cosmetics brand.

The magazine also reported that she was 'self-made', which, needless to say, got pretty thoroughly mocked online.

In light of the revelations, well known comedian and prankster Josh Ostrovsky, also known as 'The Fat Jew', set up a crowdfunding campaign to help Jenner get to a billion dollars.

In a GoFundMe campaign called 'Help Kylie Get to a Billion', Ostrovsky wrote:

Kylie Jenner was on the cover of Forbes Magazine today for having a net worth of 900 million dollars, which is heartbreaking.

I don't want to live in a world where Kylie Jenner doesn't have a billion dollars.


He also announced his fund-raiser on Instagram:

Incredibly, people actually donated. Yep - we're just as amazed as you. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised $2013 of its proposed $100 million goal.

Thankfully, in an interview with Page Six, Ostrovsky clarified that the money he raised would actually be donated to charity, not to Jenner, meaning we still have a grain of hope in humanity.

But anyway...

Now, people are setting up their own crowdfunding campaigns in protest to the Kylie Jenner campaign to make THEM billionaires.

Nathan Moore, of Billings Massachusetts has set up a GoFundMe titled 'Beat Kylie to a Billion'.

In the blurb for the post, he wrote:

We're out to beat Kylie Jenner to a billion to make us the youngest billionaires. There's one reason you should chose to donate to us instead of her. We Dem boys!

Our heart bleeds for you, boys.

In his campaign titled 'If Kylie can, why not JT', Josh Teis writes:

So Kylie Jenner is getting donations to become the youngest self made billionaire. I guess she needs some competition. Lets put a end to this together!!

So far he's raised $10. Not far to go then, Josh!

One confident soul named Kate White launched the snappily named 'Get me to a billion b4 Kylie'.

I strongly disapprove of people donating money to Kylie Jenner just to help her become a billionaire. People should donate money to make ME a billionaire instead!

She isn't doing badly. She's raised $5. Don't give up hope, Kate!

Anna Sandlin is equally as optimistic. Launching her GoFundMe campaign, she said:

Kylie jenner wants to be a billionaire, so do I. Help a girl out.


To be honest, we wouldn't mind being billionaires either. Perhaps we will follow suit with our own campaign.

Don't give up hope, guys. Stay strong!

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