This two-second clip from Kylie Jenner's office tour has become an instant meme
YouTube/Kylie Jenner/Twitter

Earlier this week Kylie Jenner posted a long-awaited office tour YouTube video, featuring a cameo from her daughter Stormi.

People love a cute-toddler moment, but it seems unlikely that Kylie would have anticipated that a two-second clip would turn her into an instant meme.

Towards the end of the video, she goes "to wake Stormi up" and takes the opportunity to showcase her singing... in three words.

Rise and shiiiiiiine

The internet went crazy for it and the memes just keep coming.

And now everyone wants to make it their alarm.

In case you were wondering, here's how:

Others have also pointed out the hilarity of the whole scene, which is presumably supposed to look spontaneous but came across as anything but.

Even Kylie herself is in on the joke - she quote-tweeted a video of a fan setting her vocals to a banging beat because why not.

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