Kylie Jenner wears a dress and gets accused of 'upstaging' her friend because sexism

Kylie Jenner has been criticised for apparently trying to "upstage" her friend Hailey Baldwin, who was marrying Justin Bieber.

Yesterday, Kylie posted two pictures of herself at the wedding, and people were quick to start judging her sartorial choices.

The dress in question appears to be some sort of gold-tin-foil look, which is longer at the sides than at the front and has a sort of cut-outty-bit in the general cleavage area.

Not to everyone's taste, for sure, but Kylie's choice to make, surely?

Not so, apparently, as the social media swarm heated up, always ready to pounce on a woman who doesn't meet their exacting standards of beauty and social acceptability.

She tweeted about her outfit to promote her body glow product, and immediately people started shaming her.

Apparently, she was "upstaging the bride", which seems like a pretty wild assessment for people to make given we:

a) haven't seen any pictures of Baldwin

b) have no idea what the dress code is

c) surely have more important things to worry about?

A friendly reminder that women don't have to be pitted against each other, especially when it comes to something as inconsequential as a choice of dress.

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