Labour use Boris Johnson's JCB stunt to make a point about the NHS

Labour use Boris Johnson's JCB stunt to make a point about the NHS

This week Boris Johnson produced possibly his weirdest stunt of the entire election campaign as he drove a JCB through a polystyrene wall with "gridlock" written on it.

It was a truly bizarre moment in what has been a confusing and surreal campaign for the prime minister, to say the least.

The initial stunt was predictably mocked on social media but it was arguably Labour who came up with the best response to Johnson's JCB antics.

Replacing the word "gridlock" with "NHS" and Johnson's digger now bearing the words "Tory cuts" Labour made a cutting point about the government's austerity and their supposed plans for the National Health Service.

The meme has split opinions, with some enjoying it with others stating that the Tory cuts haven't affected the NHS.

Johnson's fascination with JCB isn't anything new. Back in January, long before he became prime minister, Johnson gave a speech at the firms factory in Staffordshire.

At the time, the Guardian reported that Johnson was paid £10,000 by JCB just three days before he delivered his speech, which was laden with support for the company as well as promoting Brexit.

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