These are the best polling numbers for Labour in a very, very long time

Composite: Getty Images / Chris J Ratcliffe

Ever since the begining of the general election campaign, it's fair to say things have gone from bad to worse for Theresa May.

In the past few weeks our Prime Minister May has had to contend with:

While blame cannot be solely laid at her feet, as Prime Minister she does have to take responsibility for leadership when and if disaster strikes.

But May has been vehemently criticised for her response to recent events, including how she handled the appalling loss of life at Grenfell Tower.

And it's starting to show in the polls - research by Survation (for Good Morning Britain) puts Labour 3 per cent ahead of May's Conservative Party.

For the first time in years.

It has also been reported that around a dozen Conservative MPs are to be preparing a written demand for her resignation.

Data compiled by YouGov put Mrs May at a level of unpopularity almost comparable to pre-election Jeremy Corbyn.

For those with selective amnesia, that was pretty damn unpopular.

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