Chef claims his ‘labour inducer’ burger has helped 31 women give birth
Fox 9/ Screengrab

A burgerrestaurant has claimed it has created a burger that will induce labour in pregnant women and says it’s happened 31 times.

The Suburban restaurant in Minnesota has made the bold claim that heavily pregnant women who eat the burger will go into labour within 24 hours of eating it.

Of the 31 women, the burger has supposedly ‘induced’, one also happens to be a co-owner of the restaurant.

The magical burger has an Angus beef patty, peach caramelised onions, spicy Bavarian mustard, Cajun remoulade and honey-cured bacon. To top it off, it’s put together in a soft pretzel bun.

It all began when the owners of the family-run business entered a burger competition in 2019.

Kelsey Berset, who owns the restaurant along with her mother and sister, was pregnant at the time she tried the burger.

Low and behold, six hours later the contractions began and the burger got its name.

At the time, she told Today: “I figured I was 38 weeks pregnant, so why not indulge? About six hours later, my contractions started.”

Through word of mouth the “Labour Inducer” attracted more and more heavily pregnant women to the restaurant and the number of labours induced quickly added up.

While there is no scientific reason behind it, it’s suspected the numbers keep rising simply due to the amount of heavily pregnant women, who would have gone into labour anyway, eating it.

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