Labour MP compares parliament to Hogwarts and calls Tories 'death eaters'

Labour MP compares parliament to Hogwarts and calls Tories 'death eaters'

A Labour MP compared arriving to parliament with "joining Hogwarts, but when the death eaters have taken over" and it's exactly the wholesome cringe you need to see today.

Nadia Whittome was speaking to ITV's Robert Peston when she made the comparison, before adding that working under Boris Johnson is like having Severus Snape in charge.

At 23, Whittome is the youngest MP in parliament, a fact that will surprise exactly no-one given her choice of reference.

She was elected as MP for Nottingham East in the 2019 snap election when, in her words, the death eaters took over.

She made headlines a short while later for promising to donate over half of her £79k salary to charity.

Whittome also schooled the ITV studio when asked if Meghan Markle has been the victim of racism.

I don't think the question is has she. We can see that she has. When Meghan has avocado on toast it's fuelling human rights abuses, droughts and murder. When Kate has it it's avocado on toast.

Whilst her cultural references might need a bit of work, her refreshingly frank observations are spot on.

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