No one will cast a vote until May 7th but make no mistake - we are in election season.

To kick things off, Ed Miliband gave a speech on Monday where he warned five more years of Conservative rule would “strip” public services to their “bare bones”.

The Labour leader had to restrain his audience of supporters when they shouted "pillock" and "get back to London" at BBC correspondent Norman Smith, after he asked if Miliband was "scaremongering over the NHS". There is a video of the incident below:

Labour has launched what it describes as a “four-month campaign to save the NHS”, after health professionals across the service warned of a deterioration in both the morale of staff and the quality of services. An online poster campaign, launched on Saturday, focuses on the NHS and the party has also compiled a dossier showing that the NHS has missed half of its waiting time pledges in the last year.

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