Man mocked for having a 'lady drawer' for all the frequent guests to his house

Greg Evans
Monday 20 January 2020 16:00
Picture:(Getty Images/iStockphoto/ Twitter)

Whenever you have a guest over at your house, a good host will go above and beyond to make the other person feel comfortable for the amount of time they are stopping under that roof.

Basic things from clean bed sheets and fresh towels to having enough milk in the fridge can go a long way to making someone feel more comfortable.

However, one well-intentioned man went above and beyond to make sure any female visitors to himself had a good rest but probably didn't fully understand how misguided his efforts were.

A Twitter user, known only as 'BassFather' tweeted a picture of a drawer in what looks like his bathroom containing tampax, make-up remover, baby wipes, a comb and err... A sex toy.

We're not entirely sure if this 'lady drawer' tweet wasn't a joker but the tweet warranted a fierce backlash for the folks on social media.

The tweet soon became a meme, with people creating their own parodies of the drawer.

To clarify BassFather doesn't believe that everyone should buy these items but he just happened to have them 'laying round so I designated a drawer for it.'

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