Police force apologises after footage of officer threatening to ‘make something up’ to have a young man arrested causes outrage

Lancashire Police say they have apologised to a young man after an officer was filmed threatening to "make something up" in order to arrest him.

The clip, which was shared widely on social media, shows a man in Accrington being spoken to by police on Friday 17 April.

The man is heard telling the officer:

You're arresting me? What for? I've done nothing wrong.

The officer responds:

I'll lock you up.... We'll make something up… who are they going to believe, me or you?

The footage caused outrage on social media, with many calling for an investigation and for the officer in question to be sacked.

In a statement the force’s Chief Constable Andy Rhodes said that he apologises “without reservation” to the young man and the public for the officer’s “completely unacceptable” conduct, saying that it only takes “one incident of this to undo the hard work of so many”.

He said the matter was being investigated and had been referred to the force's professional standards department, adding that they would remain in close contact with the young man who was confronted by the officer.

The controversy comes amid escalating tensions between the police and the public during "lockdown". Police in London were also criticised this week for an incident involving a journalist in a park, with footage which also went viral on social media.

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