These are the second languages that will get you paid the most in the UK

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

German speakers enjoy the most opportunities and the highest salaries when it comes to jobs specialising in second languages in the UK.

To mark the European Day of Languages, jobs website Adzuna looked at over one million live jobs on their website to find the language skills most in-demand across the country.

European languages made up the bulk of the most valuable languages, but Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese also featured highly in the rankings.

As the below chart by Statista shows, German commands the highest salary on average:

The most vacancies were found for jobs requiring German (6,800), followed by French (6,149), Spanish (3,106), Italian (2,460) and Dutch (1,865).

While Welsh was highly paid, only 1,000 jobs asked for the language, spoken by just under 20 per cent of people in Wales.

Polish was highly sought after (1,575 vacancies) but on the whole comparatively poorly paid, with an average salary of only £26,456.

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