LaToya Jackson says her brother Michael ‘sleeps with little boys’ in shocking resurfaced 1993 interview

LaToya Jackson says her brother Michael ‘sleeps with little boys’ in shocking resurfaced 1993 interview

Footage of Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya alleging he was a paedophile has resurfaced following the release of the four-hour documentary Leaving Neverland.

The world seems to be in collective shock after watching the Michael Jackson documentary featuring interviews with two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who accuse the singer of molesting them as boys.

But LaToya first accused her brother of sexually abusing children back in 1993.

At an initial press conference in Israel she spoke about the claims levelled against her brother, and said that she could not "be a silent collaborator of his crimes against small, innocent children”.

In an exclusive interview with NBC's Today programme following the press conference, she said:

​I do know that he would have boys over all the time.

One of course, and they would stay in their room for days. 

Then they would come out and then there would be another boy and he would bring someone else. But never two at a time or anything like that.

And let me ask you a question, what 35-year-old man do you know that sleeps with little boys and stays with them for a week or two weeks or whatever - and sleeps in the same bed?

She added:

What you have to remember is Jordy, I do not know this kid, I have never met this kid, I know nothing about him.

But at the same time I feel bad for him. No one's caring about Jordy.  Jordy is in a very bad position.

Even if it's not Michael, his parents have put him in a bad position. And there are a lot of Jordys out there.

Jordy, or Jordan Chandler, was one of the first boys to accuse Michael Jackson of sexual abuse in 1993.

The Chandler family later sued the star in a $30m lawsuit that accused him of sexual battery.

After the NBC presenter asked LaToya about her parent's reactions to her allegations that her brother sexually abused children, she replied:

My mother is very much aware of all the children that were there. All the boys that stayed there.... And now she's denying it.

And that's what hurts.

But what hurts more than anything else is that if she knew that, then why didn't she say something about it or do something about it or get help because she felt that he was bothering little kids. 

LaToya later recanted her statements, alleging that she was convinced to make them by her then-husband Jack Gordon.

In Leaving Neverland, Robson, now 36, alleges that he was sexually abused by Michael Jackson from when he was seven until he was 14. Safechuck, now 41, alleges he was abused from the ages of 10 to 14.

Jackson's estate has denied all of the allegations in the documentary and accused Robson and Safechuck of being "opportunists" and "liars". It is currently suing HBO for $100m.

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