Right-wing conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer gets roasted after staging a failed Twitter HQ protest

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer gets roasted after staging a failed Twitter HQ protest

Far-right activist Laura Loomer caused quite a scene outside Twitter's office in New York City on Thursday.

The pro-Trump conspiracy theorist was banned from Twitter in November after aiming hate speech at the newly elected Minnesota rep. Ilhan Omar.

In a dramatic but inexplicably funny protest, Loomer stood out the social media giant's HQ and accused the company of being 'antisemetic' and pro-Sharia law, while wearing the Jewish Star of David.

Loomer live-streamed her protest on Periscope and it soon started to trend worldwide, but things didn't quite go to plan for the 25-year-old.

Daily Beast journalist Will Sommer captured the events as they unfolded and his thread soon went viral.

It started off with Loomer, armed with her own sign, handcuffing herself to the front door of the building - just the one door, though, people could still use the one she wasn't attached to - while claiming that her suspension was a 'human rights issue'.

Things soon started to go wrong for her as her sign somehow fell inside the building and out of her reach.

Then the police turned up and one officer managed to highlight just how ridiculous her protest was.

In a small victory, she did manage to get her sign back, but police soon moved her camera operator across the street so you could barely see her.

Even her fellow conservatives thought the protest was embarrassing.

She then informed the police that she had thrown away the key to the cuffs and was willing to stay put for "as long as it takes".

As things became more and more desperate for Loomer, police told her that Twitter was not pressing charges so she could potentially stay there forever.

She didn't even want pizza, just her Twitter account.

Just in case you are wondering our stance on this topic: Pizza >>>> Twitter.

After a few hours, she gave up bringing the whole embarrassing spectacle to a whimpering conclusion.

Given that 2018 is almost over and we've been deprived of fun and laughter for the majority of the year, people couldn't help but find the whole situation highly amusing.

The beauty of all this is that Loomer can't see what everyone was saying about her because she isn't allowed on Twitter anymore. Oh, the sweet irony.

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