Laurence Fox has only just noticed a set of Pride traffic lights in London that have been there since 2016

<p>Fox shared his feelings about the Pride traffic lights on Twitter</p>

Fox shared his feelings about the Pride traffic lights on Twitter

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Laurence Fox has found something else to moan about, and this time it’s the Pride traffic lights in London... which have been there since 2016.

Transport for London installed the lights five years ago at 50 pedestrian crossings near Trafalgar Square to coincide with Pride Month celebrations.

They changed the green section of the light to include different gender symbols such as the transgender, lesbian, gay, and heterosexual signs and also two men and two women holding hands and forming a heart.

Transport for London

“These new signals show that we stand shoulder to shoulder with them and display the tolerance and celebration of difference in our city,” the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said at the time.

As the installation was so popular, they have remained in place ever since.

However, Fox has an entirely different opinion on them and made his feelings very clear on Twitter.

He posted an image of the Pride traffic lights, with the caption: “OH F**K OFF!”

But, the Reclaim Party leader wasn’t done bashing the installation.

In a second tweet, he posted another image of a different set of Pride traffic lights, with the caption: “Now I’m just confused. Can both men and women cross at this one?”

Considering the fact Fox ran for London Mayor earlier this year and is a London resident, it’s surprising that he has just noticed them.

People on Twitter didn’t let Fox get away with his bizarre outburst towards the traffic lights, and responded with some amazing comebacks.

While others pointed out that Fox was ironically displaying snowflake behaviour.

Meanwhile, some highlighted the fact that Fox was behind on the times as the traffic lights have already been there for five years.

Elsewhere, people seized the opportunity to troll Fox for his failed attempt at being elected as London Mayor earlier this year.

Others joked that Fox was swearing at the Pret-A-Manger seen in the photo rather than the traffic lights.

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