In news that could only seem at home in 2019, a prominent lawyer has caused outrage by tweeting that he had alle​ge​dly killed a fox with a baseball bat in his garden while wearing a green kimono.

Jolyon Maugham QC, who has mounted a series of legal challenges throughout the Brexit process, wrote on Twitter that the animal had become trapped in protective netting around chickens in his garden.

Bizarrely, he added that he was wearing a “a too small green kimono” at the time. Maugham said he “wasn’t sure what else to do” when he discovered the animal. He wrote:

“I didn't especially enjoy killing it but I imagine that's what the RSPCA would have done, if they had anyone on call in central London on Boxing Day.”

But the RSPCA said its workers were on call 24 hours a day. On Twitter, the animal rights group even urged people to report the “distressing” incident.

After the lawyer was met with backlash, he said that he didn’t “relish” killing the animal. He also said he’d left his details with the RSPCA.

Labour MP Neil Coyle also chimed in, saying the London Borough of Southwark says that clubbing is the only legal way of killing a fox. He says several of his constituents have been in similar situations.

Still, many people online have been calling out the lawyer, saying it’s not right to do this even if it’s legal.

Others objected to the jovial framing of the tweet...

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