LBC caller claims Brexit will be fine because of 'bulldog spirit'

LBC caller claims Brexit will be fine because of 'bulldog spirit'

A caller to James O’Brien’s LBC show has insisted the country can get over the negative effects of a no-deal Brexit with a “British bulldog spirit”.

Chris, a caller from Spain, makes the point that politicians routinely lie in order to gain votes and fail to deliver manifesto promises.

A clearly exasperated O’Brien, unsure whether the caller is parodying a typical Brexiteer, insists he thinks precisely what he’s saying.

Are you saying you voted Leave. Now you know you were lied to, but hey, politicians always lie, so I'm not going to get too upset over this one?

But the moment that really riles the presenter is the one in which Chris offers the kind of meaningless soundbite that has become all too common in the discourse around Brexit.

I think the British bulldog spirit will show through. We'll rise above it all.

When quizzed by O'Brien as to what 'British bulldog spirit' actually means, Chris couldn't quite convey what it stands for (presumably it's nothing to do with Davey Boy Smith).

The conversation goes around in Pythonesque circles before the host eventually concludes he's had enough. You can watch the full clip in the video below.

If Chris would have done in research before calling a national radio show he would have known that the 'bulldog spirit' phrase evolved during the 19th century to represent a plucky underdog spirit that illustrated us Brits and soon became a regular fixture in both World Wars as a type of propaganda and symbolism to rally against the country's enemies.

That being said it's hardly the spirit that people probably envisioned us talking about just months before leaving the EU.


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