LeBron James explains why he called Donald Trump a 'bum'

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NBA superstar LeBron James has moved to explain why he called Donald Trump a "bum" on Twitter.

On Saturday, the Cleveland Cavaliers players spoke out in favour of fellow basketball player Steph Curry after he admitted that he didn't want to visit the White House.

Curry plays for the current NBA Champions, Golden State Warriors and it is a tradition for American sports champions to visit the White House.

After declaring that he didn't want to go to the capital or meet Mr. Trump, the President publicly withdraw the invite.

Although Curry has responded in his own fashion perhaps the biggest outburst came from James, who tweeted the following:

The 32-year-old then posted a video on Twitter extrapolating the post and explaining why he decided to attack Trump in such a strong manner.

Trump's attacks then extended to the NFL where players have been kneeling in protest of the treatment of black people during the American national anthem.

The President said that anyone performing such as an act should be fired by their teams.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell then put out this statement in support of the league's players.

This didn't sit very well with Mr. Trump.

The mother of Colin Kaepernick, the player who is credited with starting this form of protest said this after hearing Trump's words.

Curry, James, Kaepernick's and the NFL's stance has been echoed by a host of top celebrities online.

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