Lee Hurst says humanity survived Black Death without vaccine - ignoring huge death toll

<p>Lee Hurst</p>

Lee Hurst


Everyone’s favourite ‘comedian’ is at it again with his hilarious takes on life as we live it now and this time he is laughing about vaccines. Hilarious!

Posting on Twitter, the joker mocked the vaccine rollout by claiming humans got through the Black Death without jabs:

Let’s have a brief history lesson, shall we? The Black Death - also known as the Bubonic plague - killed half of Londoners when it ripped through the city in 1349. From 1347 to 1351, it killed between 30 to 60 per cent of Europeans and was generally incredibly devastating.

It is fantastic that in the 650 odd years since, medicine and science has progressed so vaccines for other epidemic illnesses - like coronavirus - can be controlled.

Hurst is right in saying that enough people survived to repopulate the Earth, we guess, but up to two in three Europeans dying? That is quite the hit. So no, humanity did NOT get through the Black Plague sans jabs, Lee.

And people wasted no time to tell Hurst that he was being a grade A moron:

It is not the first time Hurst has decided that a life saving vaccination is the funniest punchline going. A couple of weeks back, he compared the feeble youth of the day, queuing up to get inoculated from coronavirus, to the far superior generation in the 1940s that fought during World War Two. We know, it makes no sense.

When he is not laughing about vaccines, Hurst is getting himself banned from Twitter for making inappropriate ‘jokes’ about Greta Thunberg.

And in 2019, he compared Britain and the number of immigrants it homes as being akin to a too-full Glastonbury festival.

We’ve got Live At The Apollo on line one...

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